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Who are we?

We are a new age Information Technology firm with a diverse and cross functional team with loads of manufacturing experience. Our subject matter experts have over 15 years of World Class Manufacturing (WCM) working knowledge which has been invested to engineer our Process Excellence Temple. We are the market leaders with the best in class product addressing all your lean manufacturing needs in one single platform.

What is Process Excellence Temple?

Process Excellence Temple is a single end to end enterprise solution that enables an automatic and seamless connection between you and your data. It's unique architecture provides a complete business solution integrating all your pillars and tools in one platform. Process Excellence Temple is a one of a kind web application that applies to all your manufacturing processes accelerating your lean implementation journey.


Fully Automated

Cloud Based


Core Values


Dedicated to nurture an engaging network with business partners and collectively creating sustainable business values


Partnering responsibly by ensuring information security and data confidentiality at all times by leveraging best-in-class industry best practices

Customer Experience

Delivering outstanding customer experience by providing professional and high quality service through E2E customer journey life cycle


Committed to delivery the highest degree of quality in every product, solution and service of our company


Absolutely committed with head, heart and hands in redefining digital transformation for process excellence technology


Innovating relentlessly and leveraging technology to continuously discover most efficient solutions to existing problems